Julias Spitzenkiste

Enclosing the edge

with normal loops

To add stability to the edge and to hide the loosely hanging threads you often enclose the edge. You put a single or double knot in every loop, starting at the right as usual. The choice of knot of course will influence the look of the finished piece.
When you have a knot in the topmost loop of the triangle you work two knots into it, one to the right and one to the left of this last knot as shown here.

If there is no knot in the topmost loop, you only work one enclosing knot into the loop.

You can directly jump from the last loop of one triangle to the first loop of the next when enclosing several triangles.
Alternatively you can place a knot into the fabric between the two triangles.

with picots

You can decorate the edge with picots if you like. The simple way would be of leaving the loops between the knots especially long. This is accomplished in pulling the thread to the extreme right when tightening the knot.
The second possibility is to put two knots into the same loop and leaving a long loop between those two knots. You will have to pull out the thread with a needle to form the long picots. The loops between the picots will have to be as short as possible.

with a picot edge

Since the technique of forming these pinkings reminded me of a crochet border, I named them "picot edge", I do not know the original Turkish Name.
Work a double knot into the next loop.
The next knot is worked backward into the just worked loop and worked as tight to the previous knot as possible.
The third knot to finish the motif is worked forward again, into the same loop as the first knot in the motif.
The finished little pinking should look like that. The length of the thread will influence the look of the picot edge.

Different knot styles and enclosed edges

Dense double knots with long and short picots. Dense double knots with picot edging. Dense double knots with normal loops and double knots. Single knots with normal loops and double knots. Double knots with normal loops and double knots.
Julias Spitzenkiste