Julias Spitzenkiste

Add a new thread

Igne Oya is fairly thread consuming. So you'll soon have to add a new thread to be able to go on working. Don't forget to stretch the thread if you are working with a material that needs stretching (polyester, rayon)

You can cut off the old thread at the top of the work but it is very important to knot the new thread into the first knots you make with it. The double knot of Igne Oya is very difficult to open from the top once it is tightened, it easily loosens from the bottom, tough.

If you have to open a knot - which should be avoided under all circumstances - you best do this from the back of the work by pulling the thread out at the bottom. The thread is likely to split and open unevenly though.

New thread in dense double knots:

Pull the old thread through as spanned thread. Start off the next row with a new thread.

Catch the spanned thread and the end of the new thread when working the double knots.

New thread in a triangle of double knots:

Work a double knot with the old thread and snip it off close to the knot. Put the first double knot with the new thread into the same loop.

If you have worked carefully, the thread change is almost invisible.
New thread while hemming fabric:

Thread the new thread under some of the already made knots. Make the first double knot with the new thread at usual loop distance and catch the old thread for a few knots before cutting it off.


Fix the thread to the needle

The shorter the thread gets, the more difficult it is to work the double knots. It can help to fix the thread to the needle then.
Pull the thread except for half an inch out of the needle.
Make a loop with the thread between needle and working piece, the end pointing towards the work is on top, the end pointing to the needle is beneath it.
Put the needle through this loop.
Slide the loop over the eye of the needle and tighten the knot das closely behind the eye as you can by pulling the thread leading to the woking piece.
Julias Spitzenkiste