Julias Spitzenkiste


For working a diamond shape you first have to increase the number of loops, then decrease. Start the diamond with one single loop.
Work three knots into this loop, that is two new loops.
Return to the right edge. Now work two knots in the first loop of the previous row and proceed to the next loop normally.
Work two knots into the last loop of the row as well. You should have three loops now.
Increase the number of loops by one in each row following this system, always working two knots into the first and last loops of each row.
As soon as your diamond has the desired number of loops, you finish it by working a triangle as before and decreasing one loop per row.
Once you finished the diamond you can enclose its edges of course.

When working a flower, you finish all diamond petals before enclosing their edges.

Increasing a calyx

You can increase the number of loops in a calyx following the same system. Simply work two knots into one loop.
That way you can vary the width of a calyx.
Working flat circles also is possible following these instructions.
Julias Spitzenkiste