Julias Spitzenkiste

Join petals

when working the spanned thread you don't only slide the needle through the first loop of the last row, but also through the bordering loop of the neighbouring petal.
The first double knot fixes the neighbouring petal.

Don't forget to increase one loop anyway!

When worked correctly the joinings look like this.

The last petal gets joined not only with its right-hand neighbour but also with its left-hand-neighbour.

Join calyxes

To join two calyxes, you pull one into the other. You thread the needle with the starting thread of the inner calyx and slide it through the starting ring of the outer calyx.
To fix the two calyxes to each other you work a double knot into the starting ring of the outer calyx using the starting thread of the inner calyx.

In case you want to join multiple calyxes you best slide all the calyxes on the thread of the innermost.

Julias Spitzenkiste